IPTimelapse Basic

Time lapse software

IPTimelapse BASIC – create timelapse video using either your IP camera or with downloading jpeg images from a web page over time.  Reliable and stable for long term projects – months or years.  Images and timelapse can be FTP uploaded to your web server.  IPTimelapse is also standalone timelapse production software operating on any jpeg image sequence.  Launch a single instance of IPTimelapse to control one camera or use the instance to produce timelapse video from an image sequence.  Quickly build a web page with the html website upload button – see FTP settings tab page for that option.  License valid for use on a single computer.  Have a question? contact: mike@sebectec.com  

If you purchased IPTimelapse prior to Oct 2017 use IPTimelapse Pro for updates.

Download IPTimelapse 2.7.1064_BASIC (with trial)

A software license key will be sent to you by email the same business day we receive the payment.

        Quickstart: How to access your camera with IPTimelapse

There are two ways to read a jpeg snapshot from an IP camera.  One uses http and the other rstp.  In both cases you need to know the jpeg snapshot command string for your particular camera.  Just entering the IP address for your camera won’t do it.  It turns out that each camera manufacturer has defined its own command string for this purpose.  Some cameras have an http  jpeg snapshot command.  This command begins with http:// and will usually end in .cgi or .jpg.  See examples below for common camera types.  The second method of single frame capture has a string beginning with rtsp:// where IPTimelapse will briefly read the camera stream to read one snapshot.  You can find a valid snapshot string for your camera by doing one off the following:
1) Consult the camera user manual or
2) Google the camera make and model for jpeg snapshot or
3) Search online for rtsp and you camera model.
4) Install a utility to find a valid RTSP command for your camera.  This is valid only for ONVIF IP cameras.  First install the ONVIF Device Manager utility from here.  The program should identify the correct RTSP command for your camera.  
If no luck send an email to info@sebectec.com
Examples of http and rtsp snapshot command strings:
HIKvision cameras:
Sharx cameras: