GoPro time lapse software


You can easily put your GoPro online as a webcam with time-lapse video and weather info – 7 day trial.  IPTimelapseGoPro snaps pictures from your GoPro 4 camera using WiFi, archives them, makes a time-lapse video and optionally uploads to a website. Simplifies image archiving and timelapse creation for months or years.  It has many of the same features of IPTimelapse for IP cameras.  Operation:

1. Set the GoPro to use Single image capture (not Video).

2. If desired power the GoPro with a USB wall outlet power adapter.  (Don’t connect the GoPro USB to the computer)

3. Configure your GoPro to use WiFi.

4. Connect your computer WiFi adapter to the GoPro WiFi.

5. Launch IPTimelapseGoPro and start taking pictures.

If you already use your computer WiFi for your internet connection simply add another WiFi adapter using for instance a Netgear USB WiFi adapter.  

7 day full function trial.  Beta version software feedback is appreciated.  For Windows 7, 8.1, 10.  Contact Mike at  See IPTimelapse on Facebook:facebook-16

Download IPTimelapseGoPro v2.1.1007 with trial

Purchase IPTimelapseGoPro using PayPal $59

Questions – contact Mike at

April 30, 2016 updated SHA-2 signed certificate.