IPTimelapse Basic

  • For IP cameras – image acquisition, archive and timelapse
  • Webpage image acquisition
  • Automated timelapse, FTP Upload
  • Reliable and stable operation for long term timelapse projects – months or years.  
  • On-image NOAA weather text
  • Single computer license for Windows computers – Version history
  • Download includes 7-day trial

IPTimelapse Basic version 2.8.015 – March 25, 2019
Incremental updates are included with your license. Note: major updates require an upgrade (2.7 to 2.8 for example)

DescriptionRequirementsPrice $USAction
IPTimelapse Basic 2.8.1015$59
IPTimelapse Basic 2.8 UpgradeVersion 2.7 Basic License$29

Purchasing Products from IPTimelapse

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  • DL, Florida:  “I’m really happy with the program and it’s made the whole process so much easier than other options I had looked at.”
  • AA, Dubai:  “Thanks for your fast response I do really appreciate and am fully satisfy with your system. It’s more than amazing”
  • EJ, Spain:  “It is really wonderful. Thank you. Mike,  I think, that IPTimelapse, will be “The Best Software of its kind in The World”



Quickstart: How to access your camera with IPTimelapse

There are two ways to read a jpeg snapshot from an IP camera.  One uses http and the other rtsp.  In both cases you need to know the jpeg snapshot command string for your particular camera.  Just entering the IP address for your camera won’t work.  Camera manufacturers have defined a unique command string for this purpose.

1) Consult the camera user manual or
2) Search online for rtsp and your camera model.
3) Search this amazing camera database

Examples of http and rtsp snapshot command strings –
HIKvision cameras:rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/Streaming/Channels/1
Sharx cameras:http://IPADDRESS/snapshot.jpgrtsp://username:password@IPADDRESS/live/0/h264.sdp