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For IP cameras, DSLR or web image capture

Easily make timelapse video from your IP camera or image sequence. Stream live to YouTube or Facebook with IPTimelapse event scheduler.  Reliable and stable operation for months or years long projects.  See below for features description.

Construction Monitoring  -  Weather Webcam  -  Security  -  Education  -  Astronomy  -  Archiving 

YouTube live streaming examples:

Boston Kennebunkport Bar Harbor Portsmouth

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Download: IPTimelapse for Canon DSLR

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IPTimelapse monitoring Boston Comm Ave bridge replacement

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  • DL, Florida:  "I’m really happy with the program and it’s made the whole process so much easier than other options I had looked at."
  • AA, Dubai:  "Thanks for your fast response I do really appreciate and am fully satisfy with your system. It's more than amazing"
  • EJ, Spain:  "It is really wonderful. Thank you. Mike,  I think, that IPTimelapse, will be "The Best Software of its kind in The World"

Scroll down to see websites and a list of the many unique and powerful IPTimelapse features.   Did you know IPTimelapse can also be scheduled to read an image from a website or a jpeg image on your file system?  GUI Screenshots and User Guide available on the menu links above.   Here is IPTimelapse in Alaska:


For monitoring and timelapse projects we deliver a turnkey "turn it on it and it works" hardware solution to send images with timelapse to your website.  Shipping worldwide.  Contact Mike at

Sites using IPTimelapse

Boston DSLR:     Alaska:

Nova Scotia:  

   Bar Harbor, Maine Portsmouth, NH    Mount Monadnock, NH
   Tenerife, Spain (DSLR)  Wooden Canoes Shopcam    Mt. Whitney, California
   Kennebunkport, Maine Mt. Katahdin, Maine    Carrabassett Valley, Maine
   Weston Weather, UK Bredstedt, Germany (DSLR)    Skunk Bay Weather, Seattle, WA
   Thornton, NH Loon Mountain, NH    Moosehead Lake, Maine
   Bonne Hills Beach cam, AU Dacula Weather, GA    Bird and Squirrel cam
    Pikes Peak, Colorado    Capetown, South Africa

IPTimelapse User Guide

IPTimelapse Screenshots


- End-to-end image capture and processing. IPTimelapse can read snapshots:

             - Directly from your IP camera using http or rtsp

             - From a local file as C:somefolderimage.jpg

             - From a webpage as http:somewebsete.comimage.jpg

- IPTimelapse will archive images, make timelapse video using h.264 compression and mp4, FTP upload images and timelapse video.

- Operate multiple cameras and handle different time-zones.  Enter camera lat/long for correct sunrise/sunset on/off times and timelapse production.

- Add local NOAA or Wunderground or OpenWeatherMap weather to your snapshots as they are captured.

- Set capture on/off time using local Sunrise/Sunset with Latitude and Longitude

- Fine-tune image rotation to square horizon (0.1 deg steps)

- IPTimelapse can optionally "capture" jpeg image files as they appear in a watched folder. Thus you don't need to talk to the IP camera (or any other camera) directly if the camera can send images to a folder. When a new image appears in the folder IPTimelapse will process it. (This option activated under the Help menu)

- Capture at one rate say every 5 seconds and upload at a slower rate say every 2 minutes thereby preserving upload bandwidth while creating an image archive for a smooth timelapse video.

- Launch multiple program instances to control more cameras or timelapse projects

- Can be used as a standalone timelapse software to process a jpeg image sequence

- Add up to 3 watermarks to the image. Set position, scale, and transparency

- Crop images as they are captured

- Crop images when creating timelapse video without affecting original image

- Set jpeg compression of upload image

- Set jpeg compression of archive saved image

- Auto delete archive images older than N days

- Set day of week for image capture

- Thumbnail or thumbnail only upload option

- Image sharpening using "unsharp mask" option

- Encoding features:

- Process images from today only, over a date range, process all images, process from a text file list.

- Process every Nth image to subsample large datasets

- Set a desired playback run time. The software will auto subsample the image set and playback frame rate to produce a video with the set play time.

- Set start and stop time of day for timelapse processing

- Set day of week for timelapse processing

- Set sunrise/sunset for timelapse processing

- Choose one image from each day (say at noon in a year-long image dataset) to create timelapse

- Keep a weeks archive of timelapse video uploads having day of week names.

- Encoding settings for h.264/mp4: Frames/sec, CRF quality, bit rate, Encoding speed

- Starlight option: stack captured images as they are captured in low light to improve s/n

- FTP Options

        - Upload to two separate FTP sites

        - Secure FTP: SFTP, FTPS and FTP

        - Set ports for FTP

- Low bandwidth usage - does not process IP cam stream - only snapshots on a schedule

- Full Function Trial

- License is valid for use on a single computer and you can move the license from one computer to another

IPTimelapse is digitally signed software for your security and trust.

Windows 7 and 8.1, 10 compatible.  License is valid for one computer.


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