Canon version history

Version 1.3.1036 (2018-07-03) updates

  • Updated restart on image capture fail process

Version 1.3.1035 (2018-02-01) updates

  • Update to fail capture restart process

Version 1.3.1033 (2017-12-24) updates

  • Update Mencoder and ffmeped encoders

Version 1.3.1032 (2017-11-28) updates

  • Added option to order timelapse images by date created.
  • Increased watermark image x,y location limits to 10,000 pixels

Version 1.3.1026 (2017-09-06) updates

  • EXIF details are now saved with the jpeg image files.
  • Update to weather string VAR spacing

Version 1.3.1024 (2017-05-27) updates

  • Save to Camera only button is now activated.

Version 1.3.1023 (2017-04-23) updates

  • Corrected issue where FTP test button would gave incorrect indication of failed to upload when in fact the FTP setting were valid.

Version 1.3.1019 (2017-03-20) updates

  • Added a checkbox option (on Schedule & FTP tab page) to save local images in (1) numeric sequence as 000001.jpg.. or (2) to save as yyyymmddhhmmss.jpg.  Before the only option was to save as yyyymmddhhmmss.jpg

Version 1.3.1018 (2017-03-08) updates

  • AF and Non AF button visibility fix
  • Fix to Intraday video production – did not make the final hour video
  • Fix to exclude utility jpeg images from timelapse video production

Version 1.3.1015 (2017-02-09) bug fix

  • Added checkbox for auto exposure using mode dial M (Manual) setting.
  • SFTP updates

Version 1.3.1013 (2017-01-30) bug fix

  • Timelapse weather tab page: Corrected weather text – was not showing negative temperatures from NOAA stations

Version 1.3.1007 (2017-01-17) Updates and bug fixes

  • Timelapse video tab page: Make video on selected days-of-week checkboxes were not taking effect – fixed it.

Version 1.3.1007 (2017-01-01) Update

  • Update to Canon SDK 3.4
  • More Canon cameras supported
  • Remote manual focus
  • Auto-focus and Non-auto focus snapshot mode
  • RAW image support
  • Multiple camera operation
  • Numerous capture and timelapse features have been added
  • Capture image on file change in a watched folder (can be used to trigger on motion detect from another camera or to trigger multiple Canon cameras simultaneously)

Version 1.2.1037 (2016-11-11) Update

  • Updated code signing of sub assemblies

Version 1.2.1034 (2016-09-25) Update

  • Updated NOAA weather text display format
  • Updatated NOAA weather with option to choose USA or MKS units

Version 1.2.1032 (2016-04-17) Bug fix

  • Updated the on-image text method which had sometimes caused image capture to fail

Version 1.2.1030 (2016-03-03) Update

  • Updated singing certificate to SHA-2

Version 1.2.1023 (2016-02-16) Update

  • Removed language option (culture settings)

Version 1.2.1021 (2016-02-10) Enhancememt

  • Added multiple thumbnail option